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Discover your next crypto gem through a visually captivating and engaging experience on HYME, the world’s first scroll-to-find crypto search engine.

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Uncover each project’s potential through stunning trailers

Seamless scrolling

With HYME’s unique scroll-to-find feature, navigating the crypto universe becomes effortless and exhilarating. Seamlessly glide through an extensive list of crypto projects, ensuring that you never miss a hidden gem.

Captivating trailers

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of action, drama, and untold stories behind each crypto project. HYME curates and presents projects in the form of visually stunning trailers, allowing you to quickly grasp the essence of each project and evaluate its potential.

A Community-Driven Hub

HYME is not just a search platform; it’s a vibrant community where crypto enthusiasts, investors, and curious explorers converge. Join like-minded individuals in HYME’s vibrant community, where you can share insights, ask questions, and engage in empowering discussions.

Continuous Innovation

We are committed to keeping you at the forefront of the crypto world. Gain access to the latest insights and projects, enabling you to explore, thrive, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving crypto universe.

$HYME Token


With our strategic buyback and burn program, a portion of subscription revenue contributes to token scarcity, creating buying pressure and solidifying $HYME as a deflationary asset.


By actively browsing through projects, you have the opportunity to climb the leaderboard and secure a spot among the top 50 winners of $HYME token rewards.

HYME Ecosystem

We’re driven by a passion for revolutionizing the way you engage with cryptocurrencies. Brace yourself for a series of groundbreaking developments designed to empower, inspire, and redefine your crypto journey. Stay tuned and be part of our evolution.


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Q3 2023

Website Launch
Concept Development
Building the Team
Defining Key Features
Private Sale Round
Development Start

Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Prelistings
Marketing Start
Prototype Creation

Q4 2023

Public Sale/ IDO
HYME Demo Version
QA & Testing

TGE (Token Generation Event)

Q1 2024

Making an Ecosystem Partnership
Revealing Part 2 of the HYME Ecosystem

Q2 2024

Launching the HYME WebApp
Launching the HYMERS NFT Collection
Cex Listing
Platform Growth
Events on HYME
Mobile version
First Community Meetups


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